A few good men

Today’s post is in the name of one of the few REALLY good men I have come across in the corporate world. Boss. When I first met Boss three years ago, there were two things that hit me straight on – he was a very sophisticated dresser (Boss always matches his shirt to his Pagdi) and boy, he had great teeth – Boss had a fantastic smile!

Over the last three years Boss has become friend, mentor, counselor, advisor and protector. Whenever anyone asks me how I have managed to balance both work and home I always reply its because of a strong support system at home and an incredibly understanding Boss. We’ve always had an understanding, the two of us. I do my work and meet my deliverables and he doesn’t ever ask where, when and how I do it. Boss made it possible for me to make a smooth transition from postnatal motherhood to full time working mom. For the first two years of my time with the organisation, Boss put up with wailing babies in the background, 100 interruptions from the cook, the maid and Man of my Dreams. On several occaisions I have asked him (not intentionally) to wash his hands, drink his milk or stop crying and I must say on all occaisions, he has taken it like a true sport!

From him I have learnt that the key to success as a Leader is to be good to your people; to be accessible to them, to empathise with them and to recognise and reward them. From him I have learnt that there has to be a fair balance between being involved with the tasks that you team does and giving them the space to make their own decisions. From him I have learnt that it is essential when you are running a business to know every aspect of it and to focus on your strengths and be fearless in the face of your weaknesses; they will be overcome. Boss has allowed me to be myself while he groomed me for corporate culture and for that, I will always be grateful. 

Not to say that Boss and I have not had our fair share of troubled times (loads of sulking, periods of silence and emotional outbursts) but he still remains the one person I would trust with anything and in today’s day and age of each to their own, a people’s person and an honourable man (the way he fights for our rights, many times I have pictured him riding across the battlefield/boardroom on a horse, brandishing a sword in his hand)!

He moves on to other battlefields this month and as he does, I wish him health, wealth, luck, success, happiness and above all…Peace. Boss, I would say that you will be sorely missed but I won’t – you’re stuck with me for life.


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