Flight Plight

I am really, really angry. Man of My Dreams and I decided to take our little ones away for the weekend which was really drive-me-crazy-hectic-but-wonderful fun. Following the agendas of a four year old and an almost two year old can morph you back into those beautiful years where everything was simple, innocent, fun and yet clearly reminds you that your energy levels no longer matches that time!

Going back to the anger, it all boils down to the Supermom in me being invoked when our airline repeatedly messed with my bacchas sleep and eat patterns by delaying our journeys both ways. I am not upset by the fact that our ongoing trip was delayed by 4 hours or that our incoming journey was pushed back 8 hours. I am more upset that Jet Airways did not inform us about these changes.

Travelling with kids is not easy, apart from all their stuff, you also have to ensure they are as comfy as possible; make sure they get enough sleep and that their tummies are full. What is so upsetting is that in this day and age of customer servicing, where every organisation has our names, numbers and details, they cannot inform us of changes that are happening; information that can help us prepare, to be as comfortable as we can. The fact that this particular airline had done this to me three times before in the past year is not upsetting me as much as the fact that my kids had to sleep on armchairs in an airport and live on bananas and candy for that entire night.

Looking after customers who have kids is an extremely serious responsibility and yes, we choose to have our kids and so we must cope with incidents of this kind ourselves as well, but why be in the business of hospitality if you can’t cover the basics.

Number One had never seen that side of me, ‘Mama, why were you shouting at that man in the airport’ he asked. My reply was pretty straight ‘Because Mama can take anything Sweetheart, except when it comes to my babies being unsettled.’ And that is true of all of us Supermoms, our secret powers are our kids, so don’t mess. If you can’t be sensitive to the needs of us Moms with Kids, get out of the fire people; fly only adult airlines, run only adult restaurants and offer only adult hotels. But remember this, you’re missing out on being a part of those first few experiences that shape those little ones; and you were one yourself….think back….


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