Mom…on leave…from work

Ironically, after my last blog, I got a chance to live life in the other ‘mom’s shoes – i.e the stay at home mom! The horror of all horrors, I had to take leave to stay at home and do the ironing, washing, cooking and tending to my little terrors; what part of that says ‘holiday’?! The two ladies who form the backbone of my support system and the two people in the world I would even happily trade in Man of my Dreams for were indisposed this whole past week. As a result, I had to be in full mommy-action-woman mode bathing, feeding, putting to bed, picking, dropping and generally hanging with the kids 24/7.

There are two elements to this: one the sheer joy at watching my kids every minute and really enjoying seeing how they’re growing and what little personalities they have become. And two, wanting to run screaming down the road in sheer fear of wanting to shake them silly.

What I learnt was that they are really interesting; my kids. They come up with the sweetest things. They are thoughtful and perceptive. They enjoy my company (despite the fact that a lot of my time is spent shouting at them) my son actually said ‘Mama I like it when you’re home even if you always tell me what to do!’ And I really enjoyed theirs.

What I had previously seen as mundane tasks such as nagging them to brush their teeth, I began to see differently; they were so proud showing me how they could do it themselves. They knew the difference between his blue for boys toothpaste and her pink for girls one. Ironing which was always a chore became more important the last few days than a board meeting because it was so important my little ones were smartly dressed for school in nicely pressed uniforms.  That extra bit of citronella cream was so important to be rubbed on their exposed skin as it is dengue season; something which was always at the back of my mind but I guess I never realised how passionate I would feel about a blob of cream till now.

The more time I have spent with my kids the last few days, the more I have learnt how endless a mother’s love is. I know it’s a cheesy line but I love them so much that it hurts!!! I never thought it would be possible to be so proud of someone’s little steps (yeah, she ate herself, yippee he read his first word); to have an entire mood affected by a gurgly laugh or a twitchy mouth. But it is. And I realised how every minute I spend with them; everything I say to them; counts and makes a difference. Much more than what I may say in that boardroom (Wow! What power we moms have!!). So in response to my opening lines; I would happily take leave from work to spend a few days at home with my kids. Not only to nudge me back to what is most real and most important, but also simply because I enjoy spending time with them!


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