Of Budgets and Braincurry

Yipppeeeeee!!! The cook is back! Finally I can stop being one of those women from ‘Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ serials who wake up at 6:30 in the morning to cook the lunchtime meal to Baton to the family before they depart on their various daily duties. Finally I can get to my lovely wellness studio for Pregnant women without smelling like onions and garlic! Finally I can get home to a house with fragrant aromas rather than having to create them myself.

The man left me (I’m talking about the cook and this may look like a drastic statement to you but for a working mom of two, we really value our house support) about a month ago saying he was going for 5 days only. Typical man, making promises he can’t keep; I should have known better. But each day as I racked my brain on what to make for each meal which happened to roll around just as the last one was over, I looked longingly at the door, hoping he would walk through it.

I have been known to say many times I would rather give both Man of my Dreams and my brother away than lose the cook…but the last month I have oscillating between strangling him with my bare hands when he returned and begging him never to leave me again. It’s not that I don’t like cooking; in fact it is one of my favourite past times and I am not too shy to admit that I do a fairly decent job of it as well, but having to do it alongside working outside home all day, caring for two children, doing the rounds of football and music classes as well as balancing homework with household errands is not pleasurable.

You realise just how dependant you are on your household help if you are a working mom living in a nuclear family; they become your ability to keep all the balls in the air and if you treat them right, they break down your barriers enabling a strong emotional connect as well.

The other task I must admit I do not take to like a baby to bathwater(ha ha ha, in my line of work, that is definitely pun intended!) is financial year budgeting. This is not household hisab kitab I’m talking about. Although as Business Head, I am still not ashamed to say that my budget sheet may look a bit like the hisab kitab I maintain at home and this is because – every rupee is accounted for. Does anything else really matter? To be fair, my organisation is completely supportive (the finance team will definitely get a treat for putting up with repeated stupid questions and giving patient answers) as they know what I can deliver, I do deliver. However, Boss has been out of town (I wonder….) this entire budgeting period and I had no choice but to swim (I mean, Supermoms DO NOT drown after all)! So many panic attacks, hysterical phone calls and drafter resignation letters, I got through my first proper Budget! Well done (patting myself on my own back)!!!

Moral of the story being – if you’re gonna teach your kids to learn, practice and achieve on their own, you gotta set an example.

I can survive without the cook (and I say this from the position of strength that he is back)and I can (with all the help form the finance team – please don;t ever leave me) put a budget together! Supermoms do not fear. They take it head on.


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