Siblings: Partners from the womb

My new year’s resolution is to write my blog at least twice a week. It April already and this is my first post! I’ve had a lot to adjust to….a new job, kids going into new classes, lots of studying to arm myself with more information, more expertise and so more to offer my clients. I feel good this morning, in the quiet of my home before I leave for work. The kids have left for school, Man of my Dreams on his way to the office, Source of all Wisdom is peacefully asleep next door, the staff are cleaning the house, the birds are chirping. All in my little empire is well.

What plays on my mind however this morning, are my kids and their relationship with one another. I always wanted one of each – a little boy and a little girl – the perfect family not because the world says so but because of my own history. Having a brother completed me. Our relationship prepared me to deal with so much – the opposite sex in general, working in a team, healthy competition, unconditional love. How amazing is it to have someone in your life who understands your history watches and contributes to your growth and shares your life from start to finish. Siblings are the longest intimate relationship that anyone can have. Not to say that siblings can’t be highly annoying, very often put a spoke in your wheel and most of our lives, we treat our siblings as our personal punching bags.

My brother and I were fiercely protective about each other – against our parents and the world at large. We shared a room till we were in our teens which created an atmosphere of companionship and fun. It taught us to share, to adjust and to love unconditionally. I grew up to be this maternal creature because of him and he was cossetted and cuddled as a consequence. I took full advantage of having a baby brother – he was a superdog one day, a bridegroom in a pretend wedding another, the office boy in my thriving business and he never once complained! Because I work in birth, I marvel at the thought of siblings coming from the same place, growing in their mother’s womb and I wonder if they leave messages for each other….the first ones giving warnings to the ones to come!

I do see similar traits in my kids as well but they fight like crazy and this worries me. Will they grow up to be the type who never speak to each other? Will they grow up to look the other way when an outsider attacks them? Will they not band together in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer till Man of my Dreams are long gone and death do them part? I hope not because we view life long partnerships as those of husbands and wives but we don’t give enough credit to those longer relationships which can be even more powerful. I live next door to my brother and rarely see him. Every day I miss him life crazy. My children tease me that he’s my number one ‘small baby’ and he is. But I know that when it counts, he is there for me as I am for him. I can only wish the same for my children and more…May they value their partnership till the end of time; for they started in the same place – inside me.


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