Sods Law…for Moms!

Murphy’s Law or Sod’s Law as they call it, was made for Moms…everything that can go wrong – does. It is just when you are ready for work, that your child will come hug you and paste chocolate paw prints all over your freshly pressed clothes. It is just when they finally agree to have their milk without a fuss do you find out that there is none left in the house. It is just when you are off on a holiday (with or without them) that one of them falls sick and you are left playing nursemaid the whole break instead of earning your so deserved two days off.

Moms generally leave the house equipped for every natural disaster that could possibly occur – we equate nappy accidents and sudden hunger bursts with earthquakes, famine and drought. What could be possibly worse than your child, YOUR CHILD requiring something which you don’t have on hand. The question here is, are we more afraid of our children lacking that something or is it the sheer thought of the emotional trauma we will face with the consistent wailing which terrifies the ninis out of us?

On several occaisions I have had the kids and myself dressed and ready, all our life’s belongings packed in the car and Number One has to pee. Up the stairs we’ve gone, dashed into the house, pants down, zip stuck, pee done, zipped back up, raced down the stairs, back in the car and then I hear a little voice pipe up ‘I wanna go too Mama!’ GRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Repeat this paragraph again with Number Two and one hour later i’m ready to go to the place which we will have to return from in less than an hour anyway now.

And of course Sod’s Law for Moms and Guilt are BFFs. Most of the time (touchwood and thanks to loads of homeopathic medicine) my kids are okay, BUT just before i’m about to go away on a much pushed business trip and one that is mega stressful like financial year closing budgets, the kids decide to fall ill. The balance beam kicks in; do I be the Working Wonderwoman and leave my kids at home to heal at the mercy of Man of my Dreams or do I be Mommy First and stay home with my kids at the cost of pissing off Boss? The minute I decide to stay with them at home is the day that they miraculously recover of course.

But nothing beats that hard day of work you return from to deal with the cook’s grocery issues, the kudawala coming for money collection, the BB ringing off the hook and a child hanging onto each leg screaming for attention and the Nanny looks you right in the eye and says ‘I don’t know why they’re like this with you? They’ve been absolute Angels all day!’ ARGHHHHH. Thats becuase i’m their Mother and Sod’s Law was meant for Moms.


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