Supermom on sabbatical

There comes a time in every Supermom’s life when she must sit back, take a deep breath and look at life through a fresh new window. So I quit my job and have taken the summer off with my Bacchas. My decision has had an interesting array of reactions. From the appalled ‘What are you going to DO now with your life?’ to the desperate ‘YOU cannot do this, you will drive everybody nuts if you have too much free time’ to the sympathetic ‘Call me anytime you get bored or need a friend’!! Number One said to me the other day ‘I’m scared Mama, now you will be at home all the time and be able to see all the naughty things we do!’ Man of My Dreams shudders in sheer fear when I tell him we can finally spend more time together – I think he was happier spending that quality time with his remote.

I love my family and friends for their concern but I am Fine- for the moment anyway! After returning from a lovely family holiday in Thailand, I am now waking up every morning to an extended holiday! No agenda is an alien thing to me but i’m liking it and I’m learning a lot. I’m learning patience. I’m learning to let go and just BE – with myself even. Suddenly, I can hear the kids laughter more clearly, I can see their smiles more vividly, Man of my Dreams is looking more attractive! I’m learning not to look towards the future all the time but to enjoy whats happening now. I’m reading again, cooking again, watching TV, meeting friends for lunch and coffee, have time to colour with my kids, take them for classes and hang around like all those other mommies i’ve been jealous. I’m loving it! For the moment anyway.

I know i’m not the time of woman who can devote herself completely to her kids and home. I know I’m the type of woman who needs to have her own outlet, feed her own ambitions and that is what makes me a better mom. But i’m learning to have time out and be ok with it which is also important. In all the hustle bustle of daily life, we often forget to look at where we need to work on ourselves. And we all do. Work on our actions and reactions, our skills, our routines, our relationships. So while I am on sabbatical from work, I am going to work on all of this, on myself. And when I’m back in the game, it will ba a happy, healthy, calm, whole and complete – ME.


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