Teething Pains

What a week. It started with my wisdom tooth causing me immense pain – it needed to come out. This was stressing me out in a big way – I mean with all I had to juggle in my life, I needed all the wisdom I could get. This just happened to be the week where work was at its busiest, the cook was away and there was a family wedding – I was really needed at my Supermom best. But no – as usual, despite what plans I made, the parts of my body, my household and my workspace all had their own agenda. So I rolled, writhed and groaned in pain and took it out on Man of My Dreams because the Kids are too young and the Boss simply won’t take it. The first day his forehead creased in concern while he ran around offering me home made poultices combined with heavy medication from the Dentist. By the third day the concern had rapidly gone down and he was asking when his clothes would be washed and when dinner would be ready again.

The kids also, were very worried initially with the 3 Year Old furiously cooking soups and custards for me in his Chicco kitchen and the 11Month Old smacking me on just the right part of my face when I laid my head in her lap. Soon, this too, ended. My son who is supposed to care for me in my old age gave up on me and my daughter who is supposed to hold my hand on my death bed looked me straight in the eye as if to say – ‘grow up old lady’. After all, I was only complaining about one tooth while she had a whole mouthful coming out in one shot. Hmm. Suddenly, teething pains held a new meaning for me. Poor thing – is this why she is so cranky all the time?

I next went to the Source of All Wisdom – my mother. Here, I knew I was going to get the much needed TLC I required. This was the lady who gave me life, nursed me back to health every time I was sick, sat up night after night until my fever broke – I was her child, her creation. She would make me feel better. Ma asked all the right questions, where did it hurt, what meds was I taking, even gave me some ayurvedic remedies to hasten recovery and then when I looked at her expectantly, she said she had to get to the family wedding  – was there anything else?!! Logically speaking, she had covered all the bases, so then what was I hanging around here looking for?

A few days ago I had watched a popular TV program where a mother was giving her daughter who was now a mother some advice. She said that yes, it was terrible that she had the flu and was having a hard time coping with the kids who also had the flu but as a mom, sometimes you had to just ‘suck it up’! Ok, I got it. So as a mom I was not allowed to get ill or feel sorry for myself. I couldn’t help but wonder, did this mean; my days of TLC were over forever?

But as I saw my house falling apart around me, I realised that this was a different kind of TLC. I was so desperately needed. By the Kids, by Man of my Dreams, by the house, by work – and that felt good too. The kryptonite could keep coming in all forms but Superman would always bounce back. Supermoms are no less – hit me baby, I’ll just get knocked down and hit back harder. I’m back in the game.


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