We are a Family!

Today’s blog which is being written after a very long time, is dedicated to my family….they say that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. Well given a choice, I would choose each and every member of mine repeatedly. For starters, when we are together, the madness in me is explained by a genetic mad streak which runs down generations and is strangely comforting.

This past week has been full of family what with Christmas time bringing Man of my Dreams’ brother, wife and kids up to Delhi from Bollywood. The house was strewn with 5 children of all ages along with their paraphenalia and I must say, I was glad I had an office to run to(and work in as well) when I saw my brother-in-law’s face when I returned home every evening. Our last evening together day before night sent us down a wonderful memory lane reminicing about those less hectic days without the kids and of course pointed out the fact that we were not only able to stay up past 10pm but also that we managed to be out till about 3am and wake up the next morning to face the world. SIGH…

Last night there was a gathering of my Mom’s side. The Source of All Wisdom was there herself, along with the Mad Masis, my Soul Sisters, Bad Brothers, Jiju-Ji and Bhabhi Maa and a scattering of children. We hadn’t gotten togeher like this for a while and the interesting thing is that nothing changes in families…we all spoke at the same time and the rule remained that the loudest wins. It truly is survival of the fittest in my family – you can’t hack it, you will never last.

My poor grandmother must have wondered how she, a sober and respectable Professor of Pediatrics could have created such spawn – the evening progressed into a wild parade of everyone showcasing their out of date dance moves! Big Bro was the DJ for the night and despite the jarring differences in music, he managed to get us (with a lot of wine) dancing in the middle of the living room to everything from Arif Lahor and Dean Martin to of course Munni and Sheila! During the course of the night, Man of my Dreams airlifted a friend off a couch, Gurdas Maan himself was put to shame; we re-visited Aashiqui and Brother and me even jived after almost 10 years.

It doesn’t happen often but when it does, such spontaneous evenings can only be enjoyed by a family close…we get so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget to connect with those who will take us from our past to our future. As a family we have been through our own joys and sorrows, banded together to cope with tragedy and share in happiness but what was fantastic about last night is the sheer abandon in which we were able to LET GO and just BE together….in a funny way time with family helps you remember who you are….

Hope 2011 shows us many more such evenings my family….miss you guys….


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