What in the world happened to Imagination?

Why ever did they decide that school summer vacations were supposed to go on for two months, this I will never comprehend. More than questioning the institute of education and their scheduling, what comes to the forefront is the fact that over the years, children have forgotten how to entertain themselves. Number One and Number Two have finished 3 weeks of summer camp post the summer break commencing, they have been entertained with playdates, evenings in the park, activities on the weekends and now between camp ending and our planned vacation, I am bombarded with ‘im bored’, ‘what should I do’, ‘who should I call’ and other such demands. What dumbfounds me is that their room is full of toys, gadgets and gimmicks which in my opinion should keep them thoroughly entertained and yet, these things hold little interest for them. Then do I conclude that all those trips to the toy store, all that money spent was simply effort and money down the tubes?

Is this my failing as a Supermom; the fact that I have always kept their schedules tight and their time planned down to the T which has led to their inability to use their imagination and creativity to fill up their spare time. Man of my Dreams and I decided that we wanted them to have some ‘free time’ this summer between summer camp and their visit to the Grandmother for the holidays; ten days for them to wake late, do what they want to do and yet what I see is that they have no clue what to do with this time! At recent PTMs and chats with their teachers, I have been told that Number One is the most confident child with a vocabulary more expansive than any other child his age and that Number Two is innovative and creative and yet I worry; has my desire for perfection and routine killed my children’s imagination?

When my brother and me were growing up, our room was converted into a Pirate’s cave and a fantasy island, our walls were covered with drawings from our dreams, our days were spent making objects out of leaves, junk and pretty much anything else we could get our hands on. Man of my Dreams believes in giving his children everything and despite having a TV in their room, a computer all to themselves and the Wii, playstation and all other such gimmicks, they still don’t know what to do unless the suggestions are handed over to them. All these modern day play toys are great to keep our kids busy, but our generation, even us Supermoms have forgotten one very important thing; in life, there will definitely be days when they will be left with free time and therefore we are not teaching them to be left to their own devices and find their own solutions.

I have to learn that I cannot break every fall, that I cannot shelter them forever, that I will not always be around to give them solutions and so during this journey of raising my kids, I need to make them independent enough to have confidence in themselves. And somewhere, I need to gear them back to that age old habit…..I need to help my children dream…..


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